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In-House League FAQ's

***PLEASE READ*** - If your child plays for the Mentor Baseball Rec team they are not allowed to play for an outside Rec/Travel Team.  If it is found out that this is happening your child may be removed from our Program.  Thank you.

Some FAQs:

  • Opening Day for Tball thru Mitey Mite 8 is May 8th 2021 and the season goes until end of July
  • Opening Day for Minor 9-Colt is May 15th 2021 and the season goes until end of July
  • We will be having Draft Day/Equipment Pickup April 26th 2021.  Once we have the teams picked ( 8U and above ) we will have the coaches contact their players with practice days and times.  We will be giving out the playing schedule around a week before games start on May 15th and younger kids May 8th.
  • Leagues are as follows:  May 1st is age cut off:
    • Tball (ages 4-5)
    • Midget 6
    • Midget 7
    • Mitey-Mite 8
    • Minor 9-10
    • Major 11-12
    • Pony 13-14
    • Colt 15-17
    • Senior 18+
  • Fees are as follows:
    • T-Ball             $90        
    • M6-Major   $110  
    • Pony               $120
    • Colt                $135
    • Senior            $135

*** Disclaimer***   

  • Only T-Ball, Midget 6 and Midget 7 will be considered for friend requests on the same team.  All other age groups are picked through a draft.
  • Kids that have border line birthdays cannot play down a level.  Please do not sign your child up to play a level lower then they are supposed to.  These kids will be automatically moved to the correct age level. 

For any questions regarding the Rec League, please contact

Lou Kraska

Vice President