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In-House League FAQ's

For any questions regarding the Rec League, please contact

Lou Kraska, Vice President 



Some FAQs:

  • Opening Day for Tball thru Mitey Mite 8 is May 16 2020 and the season goes until Mid-July
  • Opening Day for Minor 9-Colt is May 9th 2020 and the season goes until Mid-July
  • Leagues are as follows:  May 1st is age cut off:
    • Tball (ages 4-5)
    • Midget 6
    • Midget 7
    • Mitey-Mite 8
    • Minor 9-10
    • Major 11-12
    • Pony 13-14
    • Colt 15-17
    • Senior 18+
  • Fees are as follows:
    • T-Ball         $80         
    • M6-Major   $100  
    • Pony/Colt   $110
    • Senior       $130

Mentor Baseball Night with the Cleveland Indians is Tuesday June 2nd 2020 7:00 pm at Progressive vs The Boston Red Socks.  You can register for the game in the league registration or email Jeff Elly.  

*** Disclaimer***   

  • Only T-Ball, Midget 6 and Midget 7 will be considered for friend requests on the same team.  All other age groups are picked through a draft.
  • Kids that have border line birthdays cannot play down a level.  Please do not sign your child up to play a level lower then they are supposed to.  These kids will be automatically moved to the correct age level. 

Thank You.  Mentor Baseball



Lou Kraska

Vice President

Phone: 440-622-0502